National Debate Tournament

Champions of the National Debate Tournament, 2009-1947

1947Southeastern State College
W. Scott Nobles and Gerald Sanders
Coach: T.A. Houston
University of Southern California
Potter Kerfott and George Grover
Coach: Alan Nichols
1948North Texas State College
Keith Parks and David Cotton
Coach: S.B. McAlister
University of Florida
Alan Weston and Gerald Gordon
Coach: Wayne Eubank
1949University of Alabama
Oscar Newton and Mitchell Latoff
Coach: Annabel D. Hagood
Baylor University
Thomas Webb and Joseph Allbritton
Coach: Glenn Capp
1950University of Vermont
Richard O'Connell and Thomas Hayes
Coach: Robert B. Huber
Augustana College
Dorothy Koch and Charles Lindberg
Coach: Martin Holcomb
1951University of Redlands
James Wilson and Holt Spicer
Coach: E.R. Nichols
Kansas State Teachers College
Robert Howard and Robert Kaiser
Coach: Charles Masten
1952University of Redlands
James Q. Wilson and Holt Spicer
Coach: E.R. Nichols
Baylor University
John Claypool and Calvin Cannon
Coach: Glenn Capp
1953University of Miami
Gerald Kogan and Lawrence Perlmutter
Coach: Donald Sprague
College of the Holy Cross
Michael McNulty and John O'Connor
Coach: Henry J. Murphy, S.J.
1954University of Kansas
William Amold and Hubert Bell
Coach: Kim Giffin
University of Florida
Robert Shevin and Larry Sands
Coach: Douglas Ehninger
1955University of Alabama
Dennis Holt and Elis Storey
Coach: Annabel D. Hagood
Wilkes College
Harold Flannery and James Neveras
Coach: Arthur Kruger
1956United States Military Academy
George Walker and James Murphy
Coach: Abbott Greenleaf
Saint Joseph's College
John Gough and J. Foley
Coach: Joseph Erhart, S.J.
1957Augustana College
Norman Lefstein and Phillip Hubbart
Coach: Martin Holcomb
United States Military Academy
James Murphy and George Walker
Coach: Abbott Greenleaf
1958Northwestern University
William Welsh and Richard Kirshberg
Coach: Russell R. Windes
Harvard University
David Bynum and James Kincaid
Coach: Robert O'Neill
1959Northwestern University
William Welsh and Richard Kirshberg
Coach: Russell R. Windes
Wisconsin State University of Eau Claire
James Shafer and Charles Bush
Coach: Grace Walsh
1960Dartmouth College
Anthony Roisman and Saul Baernstein
Coach: Herbert L. James
San Diego State College
John Raser and Robert Arnhym
Coach: John Ackley
1961Harvard University
Laurence Tribe and Gene Clements
Coach: James Kincaid
King's College
Frank Harrison and Peter Smith
Coach: Robert Connelly
1962Ohio State University
Dale Williams and Sarah Benson
Coach: Richard Rieke
Baylor University
Calvin Kent and Michael Henke
Coach: Glenn Capp
1963Dartmouth College
Frank Wohl and Stephen Kessler
Coach: Herbert L. James
University of Minnesota
Andre Zdrazil and David Krause
Coaches: Robert L. Scott
1964University of the Pacific
Raoul Kennedy and Douglas Pipes
Coach: Paul Winters
Boston College
James J. Unger and Joseph McLaughlin
Coaches: John Lawton and Lee Huebner
1965Carson-Newman College
John Wittig and Barnett Pearce
Coach: Forrest Conklin
Northeastern State College
David Johnson and Glen Strickland
Coach: Valgene Littlefield
1966Northwestern University
Bill Snyder and Mike Denger
Coach: Thomas B. McClain
Wayne State University
Douglas Frost and Kathleen McDonald
Coach: George Ziegelmueller
1967Dartmouth College
Tom Brewer and John Isaacson
Coach: Herbert L. James
Wayne State University
Don Ritzenheim and Kathleen McDonald
Coach: George Ziegelmueller
1968Wichita State University
Robert Shields and Lee Thompson
Coaches: Quincalee Stiegel and Marvin Cox
Butler University
Donald Kiefer and Carl Flanigan
Coach: Nicholas Cripe
1969Harvard University
Richard Lewis and Joel Perwin
Coach: Laurence Tribe
University of Houston
David Seikel and Michael Miller
Coach: William B. English
1970University of Kansas
Robert McCulloh and David Jeans
Coaches: Donn W. Parson and Jackson Harrell
Canisius College
David Goss and David Wagner
Coach: Bert Gross
1971University of California, Los Angeles
Don Hornstein and Barrett McInerney
Coach: Patricia B. Long
Oberlin College
Scoot Lassar and Joe Misner
Coach: Larry E. Larmer
1972University of California, Santa Barbara
Mike Clough and Mike Fernandez
Coach: Kathy Corey
University of Southern California
Ron Palmieri and Dennis Winston
Coach: John C. DeBross
1973Northwestern University
Elliot Mincberg and Ron Marmer
Coach: David Zarefsky
Georgetown University
Bradley Ziff and Stewart Jay
Coach: James J. Unger
1974Harvard University
Greg A. Rosenbaum and Charles E. Garvin
Coach: Mark Arnold
Augustana College
Bob Feldhake and Rick Godfrey
Coach: Dan Bozik
1975Baylor University
Jay Hurst and David Kent
Coach: Lee Polk
University of Redlands
Greg Ballard and Bill Smelko
Coach: William Southworth
1976University of Kansas
Robin Rowland and Frank Cross
Coaches: Donn W. Parson and Bill Balthrop
Georgetown University
Charles Chafer and David Ottoson
Coach: James J. Unger
1977Georgetown University
John Walker and David Ottoson
Coach: James J. Unger
University of Southern California
Leslie Sherman and Steven Combs
Coaches: John C. DeBross
1978Northwestern University
Mark Cotham and Stuart Singer
Coach: G.Thomas Goodnight
University of Southern California
Steven Combs and Jon Cassanelli
Coaches: John C. DeBross and Lee Garrison
1979Harvard University
Michael B. King and John M. Bredehoft
Coaches: Charles E. Garvin and Greg A. Rosenbaum
Northwestern University
Don Dripps and Mark Cotham
Coach: G. Thomas Goodnight
1980Northwestern University
Don Dripps and Tom Fulkerson
Coach: G. Thomas Goodnight
Harvard University
John M. Bredehoft and William C. Foutz
Coaches: Dallas Perkins and L. Jeffrey Pash
1981University of Pittsburgh
Michael Alberty and Stephen Marzen
Coach: Thomas Kane
Dartmouth College
Cy Smith and Mark Weinhardt
Coaches: Herb James and Ken Strange
1982University of Louisville
Dave Sutherland and Dan Sutherland
Coach: Tim Hynes
University of Redlands
Bill Isaacson and Jeff Wagner
Coach: William Southworth
1983University of Kansas
Mark Gidley and Rodger Payne
Coach: Donn W. Parson
Dartmouth College
Robin Jacobsohn and Tom Lyon
Coaches: Herbert L. James, Ken Strange, and Steve Mancuso
1984Dartmouth College
Lenny Gail and Mark Koulogeorge
Coaches: Herbert L. James, Ken Strange, and Tom Lyon
University of Louisville
Cindy Leiferman and Mark Whitehead
Coach: Tim Hynes
1985Harvard University
Jonathan Massey and Ed Swaine
Coaches: Dallas Perkins and Jonathan Wiener
University of Iowa
Robert Garman and Karla Leeper
Coaches: Robert Kemp, Dale Herbeck Greg Phelps, and John Katsulas
1986University of Kentucky
David Brownell and Ouita Papka
Coaches: J.W. Patterson and Roger Solt
Georgetown University
Michael Mazarr and Stuart Rabin
Coach: Greg Mastel
1987Baylor University
Lyn Robbins and Griffin Vincent
Coaches: Robert Rowland, David BHingstman, Cary Voss, Bob Gilmore,and Mark Dyer
Dartmouth College
Craig Budner and Chrissy Mahoney
Coaches: Herbert L. James, Ken Strange, David Rhaesa, and Erik Jaffe
1988Dartmouth College
Shaun Martin and Rob Wick
Coaches: Ken Strange, John Culver, Jeff Leon, Eric Jaffe, and Lenny Gail
Baylor University
Daniel Plants and Martin Loeber
Coaches: Cary Voss and Erik Walker
1989Baylor University
Daniel Plants and Martin Loeber
Coach: Cary Voss, Lyn Robbins, David, Guardina, and Griffin Vincent
University of Michigan
Andrew Schrank and Joe Thompson
Coach: Steve Mancuso
1990Harvard University
David Coale and Alex Lennon
Coaches: Sherry Hall and Dallas Perkins
University of Redlands
Rodger Cole and Marc Rubenstein
Coach: William Southworth
1991University of Redlands
Rodger Cole and Marc Rubenstein
Coach: William Southworth and Judd Kimball
University of Michigan
Colin Kahl and Matt Shors
Coaches: Steve Mancuso, Ken Schuler, Jeff Mondak
1992Georgetown University
Kevin Kuswa and Ahilan Arulanantham
Coaches: Jeff Parcher and Laura Tuell-Parcher
Harvard University
Rebecca Tushnet and Fred Karem
Coaches: Sherry Hall and Dallas Perkins
1993Dartmouth College
Steven Sklaver and Ara Lovitt
Coaches: Ken Strange, Bill Russell, Kevin Kuswa
Georgetown University
Ahilan Arulananthain and Eric Truett
Coach: Jeff Parcher
1994Northwestern University
Sean McCaffity and Jody Terry
Coach: Scott Deatherage, Steve Anderson, Gordon Mitchell, Kevin Hamrick
Harvard University
Stephen Andrews and Fred Karem
Coaches: Dallas Perkins and Sherry Hall
1995Northwestern University
Sean McCaffity and Jody Terry
Coach: Scott Deatherage, Gordon Mitchell, Nate Smith
Harvard University
Stephen Andrews and Rebecca Tushnet
Coaches: Dallas Perkins and Sherry Hall
1996Emory University
Kate Shuster and David Heidt
Coaches: Bill Newnam, Melissa Wade, Brian Lain, Jamie McKown, Charlie Henn
University of Iowa
Chris Mutel and Corey Rayburn
Coaches: David Hingstman, Heidi Hamilton, Nathan Coco, Ernest Wagner, Omar Guevera
1997Wake Forest University
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Brian Prestes
Coaches: Ross Smith, Allan Louden, Adrienne Brovero, Patrick McMullen, Maxwell Schnurer, Jason Jarvis, Eric Truett
University of Georgia
Paul Barsness and Daniel Davis
Coaches: Edward Panetta, Joe Bellon, Len Neighbors, Catherine Shuster, Doyle Srader, Gordon Stables
1998Northwestern University
Michael Gottleib & Ryan Sparacino
Coaches: Scott Deatherage, Greg Blankenship, Nate Smith
Emory University
George Kouros and Anjan Sahni
Coaches: Melissa Wade, Bill Newnam, Chris Lindberg, David Heidt, Jamie McKown
1999Northwestern University
Michael Gottleib & Ryan Sparacino
coaches: Scott Deatherage, Brian McBride, Adrienne Brovero, Nate Smith, Toby Arquett
Emory University
Stephen Bailey & Kamal Ghali
Coaches: Melissa Wade, Bill Newman, Dan Fitzmeier, Cate Schuster, David Heidt, Stephen Heidt, Chris Lundberg
2000Emory University
Jon Paul Lupo and Michael Horowitz
Coaches: Melissa Wade, Bill Newman, David Heidt, Jennifer Alme, Chris Lindberg, Shanara Reid, Dan Fitzmeier, Russ Falconer
Michigan State University
Steve Donald and Aaron Monick
Coaches: Will Repko, Jason Trice
2001University of Iowa
Andy Peterson & Andy Ryan
Coaches: David Hingstman, Paul Bellus, Andy Geppert, Kristin Langwell
Emory University
Stephen Bailey & Kamal Ghali
Coaches: Melissa Wade, Bill Newnam, Chris Lundberg, Jon Paul Lupo
2002Northwestern University
Jake Foster & Jonathan Paul
Coaches: Scott Deatherage, Adrienne Brovero, Dan Fitzmier, Jarius Grove, Judd Kimball, and Brian McBride
University of Kentucky
Russ Hubbard and Mike Tetlaff
Coaches: J.W. Patterson, Roger Solt, Aaron Kall, and Trevor Wells
2003Northwestern University
Geoff Garen & Tristen Morales
Coaches: Scott Deatherage, Adrieene Brovero, Brian McBride, Dan Fitzmier, Judd Kimball, Jonathan Paul.
Dartmouth College
Brain Smith & Ben Thorpe
Coaches: Ken Strange, Adam Garen, Bill Russell
2004Michigan State University
Greta Stahl and David Strauss
Coach Mike Eber, Will Repko
Univ. of California Berkeley
Tejinder Singh and Dan Shalmon
Coach Dave Arnett
Tristen Morales & Josh Branson
Coach Scott Deatherage
Univ. of California Berkeley
Stacey Nathan and Criag Wickersham
Coach Dave Arnett, Greg Achten
2006Michigan State
Casey Harringan and Ryan Burke
Coaches Mike Eber, Will Repko, Dave Strauss, Josh Gonzalez
Wake Forest
Brad Hall and Jamie Carroll
Coaches, Ross Smith, JP Lacy, RJ Green, Blake Abbott, Sarah
2007Emory University
Aimi Hamraie and Julie Hoehn
Coaches: Melissa Wade, Bill Newnam, Ed Lee, Roy Levkovitz, Cyrus Ghavi, David Heidt
Univ of Missouri-Kansas City
Amy Foster and Malcolm Gordon
Coaches: Linda M Collier, Director, Matthew Vega
2008Wake Forest University
Alex Lamballe and Seth Gannon
Coaches: Ross Smith, JP Lacy, Brad Hall, Andrea Reed, Sean Luchtefeld, Casey Harrigan, Brian DeLong, Taylor Hahn
Dartmouth College
Josh Kernoff & Kade Olsen
Coaches: Ken Strange, John Turner, Charles Olney, Jonah Feldman, Kathryn Clark
2009University of Kansas
Brett Bricker & Nate Johnson
Coaches: Scott Harris
Wake Forest University
Alex Lamballe & Seth Gannon
Coaches: Ross Smith, JP Lacy
2010Michigan State University
Carley Wunderlich and Eric Lanning
Coaches: Greta Stahl, Will Repko
Northwestern University
Matt Fisher and Stephanie Spies
Coaches: Daniel Fitzmier
2011Northwestern University
Stephanie Spies and Matt Fisher
Emory University
Ovais Inamulla and Stephen Weil
2012Georgetown University
Andrew Arsht and Andrew Markoff
Coaches: Jonathan Paul, Michael Antonucci, Seth Gannon, Kevin Kallmyer, Nate Cohn, Anton Strezhnev
Northwestern University
Ryan Beiermeister and Layne Kirshon
Coaches: Dan Fitzmier, Jeff Buntin, Luke Hill
2013Emporia State University
Elijah Smith and Ryan Wash
Coaches: Sam Maurer, Chris Loghry, Kurt Fifelski, and Rashad Evans
Northwestern University
Peyton Lee & Arjun Vellayappan
Coaches: Dan Fitzmier, Jeff Buntin, Tim Barouch
2014Georgetown University
Andrew Arsht and Andrew Markoff
Coaches: Jonathan Paul, Seth Gannon, Kevin Kallmyer
Michigan University
Peyton Lee and Arjun Vellayappan
Coaches: Aaron Kall, David Heidt, Whit Whitmore, Austin Layton, Ellis Allen
2015Northwestern University
Alex Miles and Arjun Vellayappan
2016Harvard University
David Herman and Hemanth Sanjeev
2017Rutgers University-Newark
Devane Murphy and Nicole Nave